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February 16, 2011

The Kate and Jonathan

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Our most frequent meal.

Buy whatever vegetables you can find, as long as they are the steamable variety.  Pick at least three different ones.  We have used kale, spinach, mushrooms (many kinds), broccoli, green/red/yellow peppers, string beans, tofu (ok, that’s not strictly speaking a vegetable, at least not in its current form, but it often finds itself in the pot), cauliflower, leeks, grape or cherry tomatoes (whole), eggplant, zucchini, bok choy, others.  Steam them all together in a big pot.  If some are more resistant to cooking, put them in first, as the bottom layer, while you chop others.  Cook Sobaya Soba Natural Wheat and Buckwheat Pasta.  Put vegetables on the pasta in a bowl, and add:

… cottage cheese, for a Jonathan

… toasted sesame oil and feta cheese, for a Kate

That’s what you’ll find if you analyse the origin of the organic molecules that make us up.

Split and Green Pea Soup

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My mom made some soup while we were visiting home, from this recipe.  So I tried it myself.  Here’s how it went for us:

Get a big pot and put olive oil to cover the bottom, then fry a whole bunch of leeks (most of two average sized ones, probably, but Jonathan brought home a very masculine looking huge monster of a leek this time), and a couple of bay leaves.  When they’ve gone translucent, or maybe even browned a bit, throw in 2 cups of dried split peas, coat, then 11 or 12 cups of broth.  We used boullion cubes according to directions and it came out much too salty to our taste, so next time I’d use fewer cubes, or a different source of broth.  Cook around half an hour, till the peas are chewable but still have texture, or however you like them.  Then, in the blender, put in two cups of frozen peas (I defrosted them but I doubt you need to), an entire package of fresh dill, minus a bit saved to garnish, and a cup or two of the soup solids and enough of the soup liquid to keep things lubricated.  Blend it all up, which creates an electric green goop (keep in mind for a hallowe’en party), which you should add to the soup.  I had some dill and yogurt on top.  Yum!

Next time I might try making more of the blender goop per amount of soup, or using less broth overall to make it a thicker soup.  I also really love the electric green colour.  The split peas sit in the bottom of the bowl, so with too much broth it’s kind of like fishing.  I think my mom added a few frozen peas to the soup whole, as well.  I bet you could make it a cool looking soup by adding the goop to each bowl, together with yogurt, in a swirl, then putting the dill on top of that.  We’re not so fancy in these parts, though.

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